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      Bakusui Yumemi World Daitotsugeki



      Directed by: Wataru Takahashi
      Screenplay by: Hitori Gekidan/ Wataru Takahashi
      Starring: Akiko Yajima/Miki Narahashi/Keiji Fujiwara/ Satomi Korogi/ Mari Mashiba/ Tamao Hayashi/ Teiyū Ichiryūsai/ Chie Sato
      Running time: 97 minutes

      Release Date:2016/11/04

      At some time, the residents of Kasukabe City suddenly entered a mysterious "dream world" where they could be whatever they wanted to be. For instance, Toru Kazama (dubbed by Mari Mashiba) became a politician, Nene Sakurada  (dubbed by Lin Yuxu) a much-anticipated idol,
      Sato Masaharu (dubbed by Teiyû Ichiryûsai) an owner of favorite comic books,  and Ah Dai (dubbed by Chie Sat) a stone. As for our leading role Shinnosuke Nohara (dubbed by Akiko Yajima)...he was dreaming of something obscene and vulgar, as expected. In the dreamy world, everyone got to see what they had longer for.  From that day onwards, citizens took the “Pearl of Dreams” to linger in the blissful dreams and enjoy every night. A few days later, a girl named Tamasaki Nuba (dubbed by Kawata Taeko) moved to this city with her parents (dubbed by Ken Yasuda & Michiko Kichise) and transferred to Shinnosuke’s class. Somehow, from that day, the people's dreams were gradually replaced by nightmares where they either grew older, were betrayed by their lovers or bullied. They awakened one after another from their dreams, and more and more suffered from nightmares. What’s worse, they were also seriously affected in real life. Such a terrifying crisis called for the concerted efforts of city defenders to defeat the conspirator behind it!



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