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      Wolf Totem



      Directed by: Jean-Jacques Annaud (The Bear; Enemy at the Gates)
      Written by: Lu Wei/ John Collee
      Running time: 116 minutes
      Release date: 2015/02/19
      Starring: Feng Shaofeng/ Shawn Dou

      In 1967, Beijing intellectuals Chen Zhen and Yang Ke had responded to the national call to go and work in the countryside or mountain areas by leaving Beijing to work in Elun Steppe, Inner Mongolia. Gradually, they got to know the family of Mongolian herdsman Bilig, and stumbled across the most formidable animal on the steppe- wolf. As he got closer to the wolf grup, Chen developed an obsession about this species and even attempted to domesticate one. At this moment, a group of outsiders greedily snatched the Mongolian gazelles from the wolf group, which were stored as the food in winter, thus undermining the ecological balance between the wolf group and herdsmen. Moreover, the production team members led by the director Bao Shungui even launched a campaign to exterminate the wolves, making the relationship between both parties extremely intense.
      ?Excellent Feature Film Award winner of the 16th Huabiao Film Awards in June 24, 2016
      Best Art Award winner of the 24th Chinese Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the 30th Chinese Golden Rooster Awards in 2015 (Quan Rongzhe)

      Best Director Winner of the 22th Beijing College Student Film Festival in May 9, 2015
      Best Feature Film Award winner of the 30th Chinese Golden Rooster Awards in September 19, 2015



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